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Sample of Urban Inspection Language©

Sitting on the hearth extension (the area in front of the fireplace opening) we noted the bricks inside your firebox or hearth were built with the wrong brick type. This is common red brick, not designed for the temperatures created inside the fireplace. Continued operation will only worsen the existing spalling and cracking. This condition can potentially increase the temperature beyond the firebox to possible combustible materials hidden within the structure. We recommend not to use the fireplace until corrective actions are done. A viable option would be to replace the existing brick within the firebox with the appropriate fire brick so your enjoyment of the fireplace can continue.
The template, at left, is where the corresponding section of Urban Inspection Language© would be placed in the template for the Fillable PDF version.

Each part of the Flue & Hearth Notes™, (FHN) checklists, templates, and language work with each other. Flue & Hearth Notes is not a relational database and does not require a monthly subscription fee.

The checklist, templates, and language are sold as a one-time fee. You get a master copy to use as a stand-alone or integrated into your existing system, whether paper or digital format.  If you are using the old-style single fireplace form from distributors, this will be a big jump in your credibility. The check lists and templates can be purchased à

La Carte or customized with your company name and logo.