Masonry Fireplace – Long Form – PDF


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Masonry Fireplace (MF) Level 1 and Level 2 checklist was created using NFPA 211 Chapter 15 and the Annex. Its purpose is to help a sweep do a complete Level 1 and 2 with additional questions to help you gather as much information as possible.

The long-form has extra ‘detail’ questions that help you download your head while on the job and is an excellent way to teach new techs all the nuances of chimney inspections.

This form is 4pgs long, so it’s best to use it on a mobile device or iPad. But it is formatted, so you can print it if needed.

When you buy this form, you will be able to download it 4 times. The PDF can be copied onto other computers once downloaded.

IF you would like to edit this PDF, we suggest getting an Adobe DC account.

If you use a Service software like Smart Service/iFleet, Service Titan, or ServicePal, you will need to buy the forms that say ‘for Smart service, etc.’ This is due to the particular formatting that is required.


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