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The illustration, below, shows how the Flue & Hearth Note Templates are predesigned pages. Each template page references a portion of the chimney and has text boxes that can be filled in on the PDF with the Urban Inspection Language©. FHN™ Templates are predesigned pages referencing the four installation styles to help place photos and copy onto a page when creating a narrative report. Template pages are designed for each section of the checklist. Within each FHN checklist are sections indicated by a green box. Therefore, you can place photos into the template pages along with your own language or drop in Urban Inspection Language©

to fill in the preset text boxes. For example, Masonry fireplaces template pages: You can use all of them or only the sections that need better documentation, which a narrative report can supply. The fillable PDF is for use on an iPad or any laptop – Mac or PC. (PDFs will require a subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to operate appropriately). The rest of your inspection remains on the checklist. Full transparency is a well documented system.

If you are looking for a basic standalone form, they are available as a Word doc., Publisher doc, or a fillable PDF for use on an iPad or any laptop Mac or PC. (Again, PDFs will require a subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to operate appropriately.) Please see the template pages, below.

Urban Inspection Language© is comprised of 400 coded prewritten defect paragraphs following along with the checklist forms. The paragraphs can work with any existing inspection process you currently use. 

The copy provides clarity to your customer by describing the defects in laymen terms, explaining where the fault is, the consequences of leaving it unfixed, (performance issues) and options to correct them. Here’s an example – picture sitting on the hearth extension in front of the fireplace opening. We noted the bricks inside your firebox or hearth were built with the wrong brick type. This is common red brick, not designed for the temperatures created inside the fireplace. Continued operation will only worsen the existing spalling and cracking. This condition can potentially increase the temperature beyond the firebox to possible combustible materials hidden within the structure. We recommend not to use the fireplace until corrective actions are done. A viable option would be to replace the existing brick within the firebox with the appropriate fire brick so your enjoyment of the fireplace can continue.
Urban Inspection Language is downloadable into Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, Numbers, and Pages for Mac users. Other options include Quickbooks (by creating another Chart of Accounts and used within an estimate) or PDF. Urban Inspection Language works well in databases such as Smart Service/iFleet.